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1About customs entry, security fees, duties, taxes, and tariffsShipping
2Can I track my packages via e-mail?Multiple
3Can you tell me about your lamination and what makes it unique?Plastic Printing
4Can you tell me more about Plastic and Lamination?Plastic Printing
5Do I need an RMA#?Returns and Service
6Do you accept American Express Cards?Credit Cards
7Do you accept PO's from Private Schools?Purchase Orders
8Do you accept PO's from Public School Districts?Purchase Orders
9Do you charge a restocking fee?Returns and Service
10Do you have an explanation for the Grammar BoxesSupport
11Do you have examples of how to containerize and display materials?How to Display/Containerize
12Do you normally provide assessments or checklists for work completed?Assessment
13Do you refund shipping costs?Returns and Service
14Do you ship to my country?Multiple
15Does the Grammar Curriculum Level 9-12 meet the AMS standards in the "suggested materials"Support